School of Nursing 80th Anniversary

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Guided by the SON 2021-2022 Strategic Plan and centered on three pillars of foci: nursing care and practice, wellness, and equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigeneity, and accessibility (EDIIA), the School of Nursing is hosting a year-long awareness and fundraising initiative that continues our legacy of providing an education that empowers nurses and demonstrates the strength and potential of our profession.

As part of the School's 80th Anniversary, the School of Nursing Anniversary fund will support and develop programming and policies that align with these pillars. By supporting the fund, you will be enabling things like continued nursing research activities, expanded external learning opportunities for nursing students, and increased nursing faculty development and recruitment. Funds will also be used to support the following initiatives:

Nursing Care & Practice

  • Ensuring our curricula is current and reflect the needs of all people, communities, and the environment.
  • Ongoing improvement in nursing program evaluation.
  • Increasing mentorship and external learning opportunities for students
  • Strengthening curricular design and the decolonization and diversification of the curriculum


  • Investing in wellness supports tailored to the unique needs of nursing students
  • Promoting wellness through education, mutual respect and understanding


  • Creating new pathways and addressing structural barriers to admission, to ensure our nursing student body accurately reflects the diverse societies we live in
  • Supporting EDIIA-related events and opportunities for student initiatives

Each of these respective endeavors will ultimately improve student learning and in turn, improve patient outcomes as our learners become future healthcare leaders and advocates.