Gerald Saunders Award for Design Innovation

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The Gerald Saunders Award for Design Innovation  

Throughout Gerald's 34-year tenure at Queen's University and Kingston Health Sciences Centre, he showcased exceptional problem-solving skills and an unparalleled ability to develop novel devices and instrumentation to address a wide array of medical challenges. His warm personality and sense of humour made him a beloved figure among colleagues and collaborators.

Gerald's expertise extended beyond the theoretical realm, as he actively constructed functioning prototypes of his innovative designs. This allowed for practical testing and valuable insights from orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, and engineers. His ingenuity and dedication made a significant impact on various research projects, 

In recognition of Gerald's outstanding achievements and his invaluable service to the Human Mobility Research Centre and Smith Engineering, his friends and colleagues have come together to establish the Gerald Saunders Award for Design Innovation.

This award aims to celebrate academic excellence, creativity, and innovation in engineering design among postgraduate students pursuing Master's or PhD degrees in Smith Engineering within the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.  Please consider supporting this fund and continuing Gerald's incredible legacy. 

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