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It’s hard to believe that we will celebrate our 50th Reunion in 2022! In recognition of this milestone and to help us create a lasting legacy for our class to provide support for current and future students, we have created the Science ‘72 EDI 50th Reunion Endowment Fund.

The Science ‘72 EDI 50th Reunion Endowment Fund will establish a renewable award or bursary for Smith Engineering students entering Queen’s, which will provide support for the entirety of their undergraduate education. The selection of award or bursary recipients will be based on criteria currently being developed by the University in consultation with the Advisory Committee.

For more information on EDI in the faculty check out the following:

We thank our generous classmates who have already donated or pledged their support. We have raised just over $300,000 in cash, gifts and pledges. We have recently confirmed a generous matching challenge of up to $500,000 from one of our Science ‘72 class members. Our objective is to reach $1M by our 50th Reunion this Fall!  With a fund of this size, we will be able to establish an award that will significantly impact the lives of all future recipients. We can continue to grow the fund in the years ahead and build upon our class legacy.

Please consider making a donation (and get a break on your taxes), support our fund, and help us build a lasting legacy for Science ’72! To make a gift or pledge, click on the red Give Now button in the top right corner.