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We did it! Thanks and congratulations to all donors!


As a class project for our 40th Reunion, we set an aggressive goal of raising the aggregate donations to our two class endowments to $820,000. This meant more than doubling the total of all donations that had been made up to the time of our 35th Reunion in 2017. That goal was reached, and those donations now total $828,530.27.


The Science 1982 Fund generates income to enhance the Smith Engineering student experience by investing in equipment, programs, or projects. These are often student-run initiatives. The current fund balance is $576,780.31 and generates an annual income of approximately $27,280. The Science 1982 Fund has recently supported mental health and wellness initiatives throughout the faculty. One of those initiatives funded by the Science 1982 Fund was a “Wellness Week” in November 2022. This event served to highlight both mental health awareness as well as the various campus support services that are available to busy students.



The Science 1982 Award generates income to grant awards to individual students. The Award may be for financial need or academic performance, depending upon the needs of the faculty. The current fund balance is $251,749.96 and generates an annual income of approximately $9,450. Since its creation at our 25th Reunion, the Science 1982 Award has disbursed over $51,000 to 24 students. 

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