The Rector's Bursary

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"Princeps Servusque Es" (Be a leader and a servant) is the motto of the Office of the Rector, and truly embodies what the Rector strives to do for Queen's students.

As the motto "Princeps Servusque Es" (Be a leader and a servant) would suggest, the office of the Rector exists for the purpose of serving the student body of Queen's University. The Rector serves as the representative of all Queen’s University undergraduate and graduate students to the institution in matters pertaining to education. The Rector also acts as an advisor to and advocate for students.

The Rector’s Bursary is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to students in any year in any faculty or school. Awarded for emergency expenses on the recommendation of the Rector, in consultation with the Office of the University Registrar, Student Awards.

Your gift to the Rector’s Bursary would be greatly appreciated to meet the increasing emergency financial needs of our students.

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