The QUBS Endowment Fund

Proceeds from the QUBS Endowment Fund support all facets of QUBS operations including programming and research and help ensure financial sustainability.

The QUBS Endowment Fund is a capital account, which means that it will continue to grow because only the interest can be spent (not the capital).

Examples of items that the Endowment Funds could be used for include:

  • reducing our ecological footprint with green initiatives,
  • more effective stewardship of our increasing landholdings,
  • addressing deferred maintenance.
  • upgrades to QUBS facilities and equipment, and
  • additional outreach or teaching staff.

Ultimately, this fund will allow QUBS to achieve its full potential as one of the world’s premier field stations. Using the interest we have purchased more energy efficient appliances and a new efficient composter. 

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