The Medical School Excellence Fund

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The Medical School Excellence Fund

This Fund was established by alumni and friends of the School of Medicine to help maintain the excellence and intimacy of the learning environment in the School of Medicine, attract the best students and faculty, and build on current educational programs.

The fund provides annual discretionary funding for the Dean to invest in emerging academic opportunities and support student-focused priorities in the School of Medicine.

Since inception, the fund has been used to support a variety of initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Providing seed funding to establish the Medical Student Research Fund 
  • Funding to establish the Black Medical Student Admission Award
  • Support for students to participating in medical student summer studentships
  • Funding in support of the Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) to help with the recruitment and mentorship from under-represented groups, like the QuARMS program
  • Financial support for the student organized and led Surgical Skills and Technology Elective Program (SSTEP)
  • Matching funds for student-financial assistance for medical students
  • Multi-year investments in equipment and curriculum in the Clinical Simulation Centre (CSC) located on the 2nd Floor of the new Medical Building
  • Funding to support the development of inter-professional education & practise programming in the Faculty

Thank you for your interest and support. Your gift to the Medical School Excellence Fund will help ensure that the tradition of excellence at Queen’s School of Medicine continues to thrive.

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