In Memory of Bruce Lounds

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The family and friends of Bruce Lounds want to establish a fund in support of Queen’s Engineering students, in memory of Bruce.

Bruce was a highly accomplished engineer and recognized leader. His contributions were widely applauded, during his 28+ year career. He was highly respected for his strategic, engineering, and leadership capabilities, though Bruce always gave credit to his team. Bruce always led by example and in doing so, was a great role model and mentor to others. Bruce never backed down from his convictions and he used his retirement years to actively support and advocate for causes he believed in.

As an Engineering student recruiter across Canada, Bruce quickly developed an affinity and admiration for Queen’s and its Engineering program. Bruce believed that Queen’s excelled in developing leadership capabilities and skills through volunteerism, in addition to strong technical skills. Two of his sons graduated from Queen’s; one from Engineering. Bruce always had special appreciation for Queen’s and was an advocate in promoting the university. This award will support upper year Engineering students who have taken on leadership roles, as Bruce had done.

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