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The Executive MBA Americas 2018 Graduation Gift: Supporting the Executive MBA Americas Fund

The Executive MBA Americas Fund was first established through gifts made to Queen's University at Kingston by the EMBA-A Class of 2007 in celebration of their graduation. These gifts formed the initial contribution to the endowment. Since then, Executive MBA Americas classes have added to the fund growing their legacy and our class has decided to continue the tradition by fundraising for our Class Gift.

This fund was created by Executive MBA Americas students to directly support future Executive MBA Americas students. We hope that you consider joining our class by making a gift.

This fund has supported student initiatives and projects such as:

  • Purchasing "Give and Take" by Adam Grant 
  • Sending Class of 2014 students to compete in the National Investment Banking Competition

By supporting our class campaign, you will help future students of the program directly. The more this fund grows, the greater the impact it will have.

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